Tackling Body Shame

Women are fed a regular stream of diet and exercise literature aimed at controlling our body size and appearance.  Not sure if you believe that? Look at the headlines of most women's magazines and you'll see articles about how to get the perfect summer body,  tone your butt, lose belly fat, battle wrinkles, appear years younger or look great in that Holiday outfit - regardless of the "Holiday" in season.

Now we invite you to consider: when you look in the mirror, do you see the courageous woman you are?  Do you look at yourself with compassion, pride and grace for the love you bring to your friends and family? Or are you more likely to be mentally eviscerating every scar, bulge or stretch mark while condemning yourself for "overindulging" on foods you label "bad"? 

We believe it's time to end the diet culture that glorifies thin over healthy.  We believe we - AND YOU - are SO much more than a body!

If you are ready to 

  • get off the diet roller coaster, 
  • embrace yourself with more compassion and
  • believe, as we do, that you're here for more important things than losing weight and looking pretty, 

we want you to know that there's hope and help.

It's Time to End the Cycle of
Shame, Guilt and Judgment

It's time to stop fitting ourselves into someone else's mold.
It's time to make our own rules, for our own lives, and our own goals

Connect with a community with other like-minded women looking for answers.
Explore your relationships to food, self & others in a safe space.
Discover how your daily life, actions and behaviors are impacted by your relationship with your body.
Learn tangible ways to incorporate quick, healthy and easy meals into your busy days that will help you feel good.
Experience camaraderie and support as you create your own empowering rules to reach your health goals for the life you want to live.

It's Time to BE More For Yourself.

It's Time to build greater Self-Compassion AND
Move Towards That Next Best Version of You

"our beauty obsessed world perpetuates the idea that happiness, health and the ability to be loved are dependent on how we look."

Lindsay Kite PhD & Lexie Kite PhD



One of the first things you'll notice about us is that we're different! We're not focused exclusively on weight loss, we won't build diet plans, push supplements or talk to you about quick fix schemes.  This program lasts a full 12 months.  

Let's get serious for a moment - you didn't show-up in this place of discomfort and challenging body beliefs overnight.  You didn't go to bed last night feeling amazing about your body only to wake up this morning exhausted about how you feel about your body.  

As much as we'd love to tell you that you'll see results in 30 day or 90 days, we all know it takes time to change our beliefs and see differences.  We've structured Nourish: The Program to be a year long journey back to rediscovering yourself, focusing on your health and wellness and fully investing in YOU.

More honesty coming....

We're not for everyone and that's ok.  We want to be honest with you about what it takes to be successful at stepping in to be the woman you need for yourself. If you're ready to do the work, we are all in on supporting your success.

It's going to feel uncomfortable and challenging for awhile.  Have you ever started an exercise program all gung-ho only to be so thoroughly 'over worked' at the end of 3 days that you get to know every muscle you need to roll over or to go to the bathroom? Yeah - It sucks and we've been there! But if you persist, you know that you will overcome the discomfort and begin to see results.  

As much as we all want a quick fix, a fairy godmother that will wave her wand and send us to the ball looking and feeling radiant, we're here to tell you that the only path to results is "through" the pain and discomfort.

Now for the good stuff...

We promise we'll be supportive and help you set realistic milestones. AND if you show up and do the work, you will see results - you are in control.

What's Included in the Program

Certified Coaches

12-month Program designed and led by certified Nutrition and Gestalt coaches. We've been trained and vetted by nationally & internationally recognized organizations.  We use proven methods and practices.; we understand the role of the coach and have agree to abide by and are bound to a code of ethnics and principles in our work.  

Holistic Approach

This program has been specifically designed from the ground up to address Body Image (how you feel about your body) and your Emotional, Spiritual, as well as Physical well-being. We're not focused on just one aspect (diet & exercise) leaving you to piece together your own program in other areas.  We've got everything you need to be successful all in one place!

Monthly Group Coaching

We hold two group coaching meetings monthly.  One is focused on nutritional and physical health topics; the other targets work with emotional topics and embodiment activities. Both are pivotal in gaining greater insight to challenges and opportunities we all experience in these areas.

Monthly Whole Community Circle

Twice monthly, we meet as a community to create connection and explore topics within the context of a talking stick style circle. We'll explore common themes, share successes or challenges, and use ritual as a method to connect to each other and our greater bond as a community of women.

Expert Speakers

We are not omniscient (shhh, don't tell our kids or husbands, we've worked hard to get them to think we know everything).  We are constantly learning and growing from a vast array of experts that are working, researching and seeing results in different areas of focus in every stage of life.  We bring them into the community once a month to share their knowledge with you.

Workshops & Challenges

Have you ever been on a weight-loss journey and found by the 4th month that the lack of variety is causing you to contemplate self-sabotage? (one of us - not calling out anyone Sandra - used to know exactly how many "goldfish" crackers could be eaten without impacting her keto-diet).  We totally get it!  So we've built in free challenges and workshops (cooking classes anyone?) to amp up the energy and kill the "boredom" vibe.

Online Resource Repository

There's a lot of information and we can't always take it in all at once, participate in everything or be in a place where it's applicable to our situation.  We get it!  We've built an online repository that you can access at any time to rewatch stuff, learn new stuff, read stuff, and get this, we have STUFF! So pull out that popcorn bucket, plug in your ear buds and join us 24/7 for informational stuff on all kinds of .... stuff.

Private Community & Support

Sitting up stressing about something at 2am and that relaxation meditation didn't work today? or maybe you need a good relaxation meditation recommendation!  Jump on the private community board and put your question, concern or need out there.  Our members will help you out!  And even though we may not be online at 2am, we will read posts and questions and respond with tips, coaching or resources to support you on your journey. 

Our private community is not hosted on Facebook. Only active members are able to see, post, comment or provide input.

Schedule of Activities

Did you look at that big list of features included in the program and wonder how you were going to fit it all into your calendar? We want to make this easy for you so we've structured the program around a typical 4 week month.  So here's what happens:

Week 1

45 minute Group Coaching call on Tuesday morning

90 minute Community Circle on Thursday evening

Week 2

Access any of the always available content like: private community support,

Online resource repository, Speaker videos and content, participate in any 

active challenges or previous recorded workshops.

Week 3

90 minute community circle on Tuesday Morning

45 minute Group Coaching call Thursday evening.

Week 4

Access any of the always available content like: private community support,

Online resource repository, Speaker videos and content, participate in any

active challenges or previous recorded workshops.

Workshops and speakers will be peppered into the schedule and are dependent on schedules and availability of the third parties.

* Although our circles are offered on two different days/times, we use the same content each circle.  They are offered this way to facilitate participation based on different locations, timezones, your schedules, vacation plans and your personal availability. Attend one, both or watch the recording of the virtual circle - it's your choice. 

** Coach-led group meetings will focus on Health & Wellness topics when led by Shannon and a separate session led by Sandra will target life alignment, boundaries and emotions. Hot seat coaching will be available in each.

WHY this program?

Body Image is not solved with a one-size fits all approach.  

It's not mind-set.  

It's not dieting.  

In our program, we believe it's a concentrated and whole person approach towards being HEALTHY in our thoughts, beliefs, and way of being.  We tackle this material holistically - MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.  

Healthy might mean 

  • making better exercise choices for some, or 
  • changing our nutritional balance,
  • lowering blood pressure,
  • avoiding foods that cause inflammation or disease,
  • addressing sleep habits, stress, anxiety,
  • working through painful feelings, 
  • implementing loving kindness techniques and tools into our lives, or maybe
  • releasing expectations about what size clothes we will wear or are wearing at the moment. 


Other programs might focus on weight management, healthy eating, or exercise regimens.  Other coaches and programs might focus on changing mindsets and habitual thoughts/practices around your beliefs.  

It's rare to find a program that focuses on all of these at the same time!  

That's why we believe so strongly that this is the best program available.  We work with you to support YOUR goals and to support your well-being which might be how you feel about the scale, the foods you choose to eat and/or the feelings you carry around with you about food, exercise, the world and yourself. 


We're flexible.  

We believe any program - ours or someone else's has to fit into your budget short and long term. Since we're not in control of those decisions, we give you OPTIONS! 

Join the 12-month program and pay monthly or if you prefer, pay once and enjoy a discount on the membership.

Regardless of which payment option you choose, you get full access to all the Program Features, including:

12 months of Program membership

 Twice Monthly Group Coaching

 Monthly Community Circle

 Expert Speakers 

Workshops and Challenges

24/7 access to all online resources (videos, articles, books, past workshops, meditations, exercises and tools) and access to a private supportive on-line community.

One Payment of $2,100

12 Payments of $187 per mo

But Wait, there's more...

Based on our work with our private clients, we believe there are two add-on products that would help propel your progress in this program.  These two items are described below and will be available at an additional fee if you want them after you join the program.

Just like all budgets are not created equal, our member's support needs are also varied.  Rather than create a program with features you may not want, need or value, we have opted to offer the two "VIP Add-Ons" .  This way, you're not paying for something you won't use or don't need on your individual success journey.  It's like that commercial jingle from way back..."have it your way, have it your way...."

Sorry for the ear-worm that will be playing in your head now...

Individualized Holistic Health Roadmap

  • Wondering what ‘right’ actions you should take to reach your health & wellness goal?
  • Not sure where to begin?
  • Confused by all the competing information telling you what you ‘should’ be doing?
  • Wanting a more individualized approach as you start out?

The Holistic Health Roadmap is for you!

You will have the opportunity to meet with Shannon Vitale, CTNC, BCHN® (Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach; Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals) to help clarify your goals and receive a comprehensive and individualized holistic health roadmap with nutritional, lifestyle, supplement and herbal supplement suggestions that will give you a map to getting where you want to go

This service includes

  • A comprehensive intake and 60 minute private intake session with Shannon;
  • The creation of a personalized Holistic Health Roadmap by Shannon based upon her comprehensive intake process;
  • A 60 minute private session to walk through your Holistic Health Roadmap; AND
  • A private 60 minute session 6-months after your Holistic Health Roadmap session to check-in with Shannon, ask questions and talk through concerns or new goals. Shannon will then make any updates to the Holistic Health Roadmap you both see fit.

The one time cost for this is $1,495 within your first 30 days of membership (the price increases to $1,795 after your initial 30 days) and is something that Shannon previously only created for her private 1-1 coaching clients.

A note from Shannon - if you are interested, but don’t like the idea of one upfront payment please reach out to Shannon to chat. She doesn’t want money to get in the way of you reaching your goals!

Dedicated Individual Coaching

  • Do you have big roadblock you're working through?
  • Wanting to get dedicated coaching time for yourself?  
  • Not sure you want to be coached in a group setting? 
  • Wanting extra support as you start out?

You may want to explore the dedicated individual coaching add-on!

You will have the opportunity to meet with one on one with Shannon Vitale, CTNC, BCHN® (Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach; Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals) and/or Sandra Wint, GPCC (Gestalt Professional Certified Coach) monthly to receive dedicated coaching on your specific issues or concerns.

This service includes

  • Two 45 minute individual coaching sessions per month. You have the option to choose to meet with Shannon and Sandra, twice with Shannon or twice with Sandra. You decide based on your pressing needs.
  • Choose a different combination each month based on what's happening in your life.

This offer is available as a six month package or enroll for the full 12 months.  We offer a recurring payment for this add-on and it's something you can choose to include at sign-up or any time after joining the program. (A reduced fee is available during your first 30 days)

These add ons are available for you to select when you complete the enrollment form.  Ready to join? Click the button to return to the payment section.



Your Coaches

Nice to Meet You!

I am Sandra Wint

Corporate refugee, recovering perpetual dieter & people pleaser, and celebrated hugger. As a Gestalt Professional Certified Coach and advanced Women's Circle Facilitator, I create safe & trusting spaces for women to transform their burnout, social bullying and disappointment so as to build personally fulfilling lives of mission and joy. I believe that healing our pain is the truest expression of self-love. Besides releasing us from our own hurt, self-healing empowers us to be seen and models courageous self advocacy to every woman that looks to you for guidance, direction and encouragement.


I am Shannon Vitale

Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition through the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, recovering corporate finance leader, busy mom of 3 teen girls & former user of food as an effective tool for self-sabotage. I help my clients find the power within to move past the diet mentality & make their own rules, figure out the right actions to take AND the best ways to implement them into their extremely busy lives so that they can reach their health goals without draining more of their precious time, energy and self-belief.


Let's Talk

Want to meet us live?

Have some questions about the program?

Want to Chat about your needs/situation?

Want to share your favorite book or movie?

Dirty Dancing is among my Top Five Movies and I love all my books - can't pick just one! Be forewarned...I might show up to our meeting wearing my crown so you should too.

I love all things Minions but Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2 are my favorite movies full of incredible life wisdom!  Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book EVER. Totally showing up in my crown!